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San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery

San Francisco Cosmetic Cosmetic Surgery

The Federal drug administration regulates the application of stem cell therapy to diseases, so that it is considered a pharmaceutical and is only accessible to individuals that are an important part of a medical trial. On the flip side, fat injections “enriched” together with one’s personal stem cells are used to enhance plastic operations like the facelift. This is not being regulated by the FDA since it would not fall under “drug therapy” group since it is performed within the same surgical operation.

In the past several years scientific study has detected stem cells can be extracted from adult body fat tissues. Compared with embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells extracted from one’s personal body fat are plentiful, readily available and don’t present ethical controversy. But this can open the door for innumerable challenges, as addressed by ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) in addition to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) both leading cosmetic plastic surgery associations whose members will be Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. In a combined report at the May 9, 2011 Cosmetic meeting in Boston ma, the societies declared that they think there isnt ample medical information to support the safety and also efficacy of stem cell therapy in cosmetic solutions.

Advertising and marketing claims which have entered the market in connection with the miracle in the stem cell facelift for instance are premature. Pricey equipment are actually there to remove stem cells and may even be exploited by many whom hadn’t had years of proper training in cosmetic surgery. Not unlike the large number of many liposuction surgery machines we view in the past which included a few week-ends of training for the practitioner!


Before Facelift and Fat injection which contains stem cell

San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery Facelift-Marin|Sonoma

After Facelift and Fat Injection which contain Stem Cell.

The utilization of autologous fat (from one’s own body) that’s been enriched together with stem cells for plastic treatments presently is being utilized by some physicians. Since it is not illegal, ASAPS and ASPS request that their members only do this within clinical tests under institutional evaluate board approval and report their conclusions.

Stem cells are located naturally located in fat, and fat injections have existed for many years. Fat injection therapy do not belong to the same classification as stem cell procedures that happen to be still regarded as a new frontier. There are many board qualified cosmetic surgeons, like Dr .. Miguel Delgado, which has mastered the effective use of body fat treatment to further improve the facelift and other operations.

This requires the eye of the creative cosmetic surgeon, who possesses the experience as well as leading-edge training to put this science to very best utilization in the most trustworthy environment. With all that said, Doctor. Delgado has observed through the years, that his face lift clients that have selected the fat procedures have amazing benefits that other clients do not. The color, texture in addition to fullness of the skin apparently improve for months or even several years, additionally pore size has decreased and lines and wrinkles have a tendency to minimize. The client pictured in this article, shows before surgical treatment, six months after surgical procedure and also 5yrs after surgical treatment at 65.

Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., MD holds the 2 qualifications most coveted by cosmetic or plastic surgeons practicing in the states, namely certification by the American Board of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He has his own totally approved surgery centre and two offices located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area and Marin. See his vast amount of pre and post photos of his San Francisco Bay Area facelift patients. For more information visit http://www.sanfranciscocosmetic-surgery.com or call for a consultation at (415) 898-4161.


About Miguel Delgado,MD-Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

Introduction Dr. Miguel Delgado is a top-quality Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. His keen artistic skill and dedication to concierge patient care create the natural-looking surgical result that is his hallmark. Dr. Delgado has achieved the highest educational and training credentials during his 25 years of performing cosmetic surgery. He performs various types of facelifts, eyelid lifts and endoscopic brow lift procedures to fit patient needs and desires. He has performed many "MommyMakeovers” and has been filmed by a London TV station. He is a breast implant revision specialist and has performed many breast augmentation surgeries. Dr. Delgado performs many tummytucks and liposuction procedures. He has become a Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) specialist who treats patients from around the United States and throughout the world. Dr. Delgado has produced over 60 videos about these procedures which can be viewed on his website or YouTube at migueldelgadomd1
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